What are tribes?

Tribes are Arise’s version of Life Groups.

The name was inspired by the twelve tribes of Israel. (Numbers 1:4-16)

Tribes focus on bringing people with different experiences together to discuss life and God. It is a fantastic way to break barriers and build bonds. If you would like to dive deep into the word of God as you engage with other church partners, get connected with a Tribe near you.

North Central Tribe

Leaders: Elders Mauro and Lori Bryand

Occurance: Every other Thursday

Time: 7:30pm


We gather for fellowship on a more personal level. We are open for questions to build better relationships and understanding of the Bible. We encourage each other and provide an opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences.

This month, our tribe will begin studying the book of Revelation.

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Northwest Tribe

Leaders: Elders Rey and Letty Sanchez

Occurance: Every Wednesday

Time: 7:00pm


Our tribe will focus on building a stronger walk with God.

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Student Tribe

Leader: Jeralyn Rodriguez

Occurance: Every Tuesday

Time: 7:00pm


Our vision is to build stronger relationships with one another, with God, and to see spiritual growth within ourselves.

Connect with other young adults to discuss the challenges of being a Christian in this generation.

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